What are the requirements to become a Channel Manager?

The Channel Manager is a leadership role in the Contributor Community. Channel Managers are responsible for overseeing the subtitling of a channel. In other words, managing a team and making sure all episodes of a channel are released to other languages for subtitling in a timely manner.

Because of the significance and weight of this role, starting May 1st, 2024, Viki will require all applicants to meet these basic conditions:

  • Gold QC Status + active within the last two (2) weeks
    • “Active” is defined as regularly logging in to Viki (for experienced CMs) or actively earning contribution points (for inexperienced CMs)
  • A clean Contributor record within the past 6 months. A clean record means you have not committed any of the following actions. This  includes but is not limited to: 
    • Abusing the subtitle tool (e.g. making dots, adding unnecessary spaces, deleting subtitles without a valid reason, etc.) 
    • Treating other Contributors with disrespect or shaming them – either within your channel team or on the Discussions platform
    • Violating Viki Contributor Guidelines, such as:
      • Delaying release to other languages for unfounded reasons
      • Working around role limits where you are performing actions that don’t correspond to your assigned role
      • Hoarding projects 
      • Not using Team Discussions within the Viki tool for team communications
      • Reporting a Channel Manager or Contributor who is not on your team
    • Violating the Viki Discussions Guidelines, such as:
      • Posting abusive or hateful statements
      • Making personal attacks or trolling
      • Discussing ways to abuse Viki or the Contributor Community
      • Receiving multiple warning flags on their own Discussion comments or topics

 Please note:

You will not be considered for any Channel Manager position if you have committed a serious violation that has resulted in your Viki Contributor or Viki Discussions account temporarily or permanently suspended.

Channel Managers are expected to have exemplary behavior within the community given their leadership position, this does not mean you can’t voice your opinion or disagree but you must do so in a respectful manner and adhere to any community guidelines.

Once you’re ready to start applying, you will follow the Channel Manager Progression Path. This path outlines the levels of experience needed to manage different types of channels.

Please reference the “What is the Channel Manager Progression Path” and “How are Channel Managers Selected” articles for more information.