Viki Contributor Guidelines

Being a Contributor at Viki means being respectful of the position, the tools, and treating other Contributors with kindness and respect regardless of anyone’s role. To help us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment, we ask all Contributors to adhere to the Contributor Guidelines below.

In addition to these guidelines, all Contributors are required to adhere to our general Viki Community and our Viki Discussion guidelines. Failure to abide by any Viki guidelines or Viki Term of Use will result in disciplinary actions and may affect your ability to join or lead a team.   

The following actions are considered violations of our Contributor Guidelines:

Individual Behavior

  • Using or enabling the use of translating software or applications to translate subtitles on Viki
  • Piracy or stealing subtitles and/or content from Viki’s platform to display on other platforms
  • Hoarding projects  
  • Creating and contributing from more than one Viki account. 
  • Abandoning a role without notifying your Channel Manager or Language Moderator
  • Performing actions that don’t correspond to your assigned role
  • Reporting a Channel Manager or Contributor who is not on your team
  • Falsely accusing individuals
  • Lying about contribution points and gift eligibility
  • Treating other Contributors with disrespect or shaming them - either within a channel team or anywhere in the Viki platform
  • Acting in a non-acceptable manner while participating in the Viki Discussions Form. This include but is not limited to: 
    • Posting abusive or hateful statements
    • Making personal attacks or trolling
    • Discussing ways to abuse Viki or the Contributor Community

Tool Abuse

  • Abusing the subtitle tool (e.g. making dots, adding unnecessary spaces, deleting subtitles without a valid reason, etc.)
  • Deleting comments on a channel page without reason.
  • Hijacking subtitles to promote one’s personal agenda

Channel Team Behavior

  • Delaying release to other languages for unfounded reasons
  • “Blacklisting” other Contributors or preventing them from getting on a team
  • Not using Team Discussions within the Viki tool for team communications


Disciplinary actions

A first violation will result in a written warning. Multiple violations may lead to account suspension or your account being permanently deleted.   

Follow the instructions here to report a guidelines violation. Please remember it is a violation to report individuals who are not on your team.