What is the Channel Manager Progression Path?

The Channel Manager Progression Path is a series of five (5) levels that will not only help you advance your skills and gain the experience needed to be a Channel Manager at Viki while increasing your chances of being selected for a Channel Manager opportunity. 

To determine your Channel Manager level, look through your previous projects and see where those projects fall into the content categories on the progression path.  

Your level means you are capable of successfully managing channels at that level and all the levels below it. It does not mean that you will only be given channel manager opportunities at the level you are at. For example, if you are a Level 5, you will be given opportunities on titles for levels 2–5. You will not be given opportunities on Level 5 titles exclusively

Please note that previous Channel Manager experience does not automatically guarantee placement at a certain level!  If you have Channel Manager experience but did not meet expectations or if your past performance was not at a quality level (e.g. you did not release to other languages in a timely manner, complete key languages, etc.) you will need to prove that you can properly meet expectations for the level you are currently at before moving on. If you are unable to do this, or if you behaved poorly (eg. abused your channel manager privileges, harassed team members), you will not be given any further Channel Manager opportunities. 

Similarly, if you hold more than one Viki account (which is a violation of Viki’s guidelines), it will be factored in when your application is reviewed and can prevent you from receiving Channel Manager opportunities.

Individuals who have met the basic requirements but have no Channel Manager (CM) experience should start at Level 1 as co-CM.

Helpful tips:

  • Verify that you have met a level’s requirements before applying to a Channel Manager role. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of being selected, as applicants who do not meet a level’s requirements may be passed over for the role.
  • If you are interested in a popular title that is at a higher level than where you are now, consider asking the Channel Manager if they would be open to co-managing it with you. By working together, you’ll both be at an advantage in getting the channel released to other languages quicker and having that positively reflected on your channel management history.


Progression Path for Channel Managers*

*There may be exceptions, but overall Channel Managers will be asked to follow this path.

Level Role/Content Category 

Requirements to qualify as a CM at this level

1 Co-Channel Manager 

NOTE: You will only need to be a co-channel manager once (1x) and get approval from the Viki team before moving to Level 2.


 CM of short library* series (less than 10 episodes with runtime below 30 minutes per episode) or movie**.

*library signifies a channel with all episodes launched at the same time. 

**check movie for region and language restrictions.

Example short-library titles: Baby Vampire Blues, Virgin Love

Example movie titles: My Paparotti, Love O2O

  • Gold QC status
  • Active within last two (2) weeks
  • Clean record
  • Successful completion of at least one (1) channel as a co-CM

CM of short on-air series (less than 20 episodes) or long library series.

Example titles: One Room Angel, Middleman’s Love

  • Gold QC status
  • Active within last two (2) weeks
  • Clean record
  • Has managed at least one (1) short library channel or movie
  • Level 2 sign-off from the Viki team. See below for sign-off instructions

CM of Chinese on-air dramas

Example titles: Yong An Dream, Sweet Trap

  • Gold QC status
  • Active within last two (2) weeks
  • Clean record
  • Has managed at least two (2) short on-air series. This may include JP and TH on-air titles, however priority is for those who have managed CN or KR short on-air series

  • Level 3 sign-off from the Viki team. See below for sign-off instructions


CM of Korean on-air dramas

Example titles: Love Song for Illusion, Wedding Impossible

  • Gold QC status 
  • Active within last two (2) weeks
  • Clean record
  • Has managed at least two (2) Chinese on-air dramas. This does not include short on-air series

Sign-off Instructions:

Attaining Level 2 and Level 3 status in the Progression Path requires sign-off from the Viki team. Please follow these instructions to receive that approval:

  • Send a DM to “fsl_viki” when you have successfully managed your channel to subtitle completion – e.g. releasing all episodes to other languages (OL) teams and having completed key languages.
  • Your performance will be evaluated, and if you have successfully completed the channel, you will receive an approval via DM. This means you are now eligible for CM roles at the next level.

For Contributors who have previous Channel Manager experience, look at the projects you’ve managed in the past and where they fall in the levels to determine your current level. Once you’ve determined your level, please verify if you require sign off which only applies to levels 2 and 3. If not, and you meet all the requirements then you can feel free to apply to channels at your current level.