Once you have met the basic requirements to become a Channel Manager (CM), you can apply for a CM position that’s suitable to your level of experience. See the Channel Manager progression path for these levels.

Channel Managers will be selected based on these factors:


  • Channel manager experience level matches the level of the title they are applying for.
  • Demonstrated successful completion of channels as a CM (e.g. timely release of all episodes to other languages [OL], completion of key languages).
    • Subtitle quality will also be a consideration of successful channel completion.
  • No other ongoing or incomplete CM projects, or CM projects that are immediately approaching.
    • Applicants should not have another ongoing, incomplete, or immediately upcoming project. There is a rare exception where an experienced CM with a long-running title may be selected for a new title.
  • Has not reached the maximum of six (6) Channel Manager positions in a year.
    • To support a diverse group of Channel Managers, Channel Managers cannot hold more than six (6) Channel Manager positions per year.
      • What is included in this total:
        • CM positions that are assigned at channel launch.
        • CM positions that are replacing another CM.
        • CM positions that are assigned but not fulfilled - either due to role abandonment or removal from role.
    • There may be special cases where a proven CM exceeds this limit if they:
      • Have shown to be a positive mentor who has consistently guided and led new co-CMs and teams to channel completion.
      • Have exceeded channel completion expectations set by Viki Operations team.
      • Have proven to be a positive and effective collaborator with Viki with regards to specific subtitling requests.


  • Gold QC status and active within last two (2) weeks
    • “Active” is defined as regularly logging in to Viki (for experienced CMs) or actively earning contribution points (for inexperienced CMs.)
    • Please note that higher contribution counts are valued for CM selection as it communicates that the applicant is active and has experience.
  • A clean record. No violations within the past 6 months.
    • As Channel Managers are in leadership positions, we expect anyone who holds this title to be a role model for the community, inspiring others with their talent and positive behavior.
    • Any abuse or violation of our Contributor or Discussions guidelines will automatically eliminate an applicant from consideration and will negatively affect their future chances of holding this position. Please refer to each guideline for specific examples on what actions will not be tolerated.


  • A positive and encouraging attitude.
    • Your behavior matters in how you manage your channel and how you interact in the community. We want Channel Managers who are good role models and have been a positive influence to other Contributors while promoting a happy, healthy, and productive environment within their own channel teams.
    • Team members from previous channels speak highly of them and welcome being on their team again.
      • If team feedback is negative – e.g. the channel manager has been abusive – and that feedback has been substantiated, then that Channel Manager will be barred from Channel Manager opportunities for 6 months. Once 6 months have passed, they may reapply and prove they are able to possess the exemplary qualities in a CM that Viki is looking for. Serious offenses are permanent marks on your record and can disqualify you from additional opportunities.
  • Willingness to partner with and follow Viki’s Operations team guidance or instructions.
    • A Channel Manager will turn to Viki Operations for guidance on approximately when a channel needs to be released to other languages and what language subtitles are important to be completed. Because of this relationship, we will be looking for Channel Managers who can be a willing partner and follow instructions, when needed.

Channel Manager applicants will not be considered if they do not meet the basic requirements or level requirements for the channel they are applying to.