How do I Gain Channel Manager Experience?

If you are interested in becoming a Channel Manager, first verify that you have met the basic requirements. Then follow the progression path and start gaining experience as a Level 1 “co-CM” or co-Channel Manager. As a co-CM, you will receive guidance by a seasoned Channel Manager in a live channel environment to learn the following: 

    • How to recruit channel team members
    • How to successfully manage a channel to release to OL (other languages)
    • How to be a role model and positive influence on your team
    • General channel management responsibilities

Channel Managers who decide to take on a co-CM, will earn a special badge which will give you special consideration.

Step 1: Reply to our Looking for Viki Co-Channel Managers post in our Discussion Forum and include:

    • Why you are eager to gain experience on managing a channel
    • What skills/qualities you possess that will make you a good co-CM
    • Your availability
    • A link to your profile page on

Step 2:  Check the thread regularly to see if you receive a reply. If you do: 

    • Private message (PM) the CM

Step 3: If you are accepted as a co-CM, send a PM to both the CM and Viki (@ “fsl_viki”). Include the following:

    • The <channel name> that you will be joining as a co-CM
    • The username of the Channel Manager who will be mentoring you
    • Confirmation that you have met the basic CM requirements

Once Viki has verified you have met the basic CM requirements, you will be added to the channel as a co-CM. 

Please remember that you are under the mentorship of the experienced CM. Fully abide by the Contributor Guidelines or you may risk removal from the channel and will not be allowed to progress further down the Channel Manager Progression Path

All experienced Channel Managers who take on a co-CM and successfully lead their team to release all episodes of their channel to other languages for subtitling in a timely manner will be awarded a certified co-CM badge upon channel completion.