Editors are a vital part of quality control for subtitles on Viki. Contributors who subtitle should only make edits to their own subtitles if the subtitle is incomplete, there is a typo or it is completely wrong.

Editors are allowed to make changes to subtitles that they did not create. There are 3 types of editor positions: Translation Editors, General Editors, Chief Editors.

Role Requirements

Editor Position Requirement
General Editor Fluent in English + Familiarity with Viki's subtitle guidelines
Translation Editor Translation Experience + Fluent in Origin Language + Fluent in language being translated
Chief Editor Translation Experience + Fluent in English + QC / Gold QC (QC/QC Gold Status)


To learn more about each role and what is expected, please use the links in the table above.

Team & Channel Responsibilities

  • To ensure that subtitles are, high-quality translations, we advise editors to focus on things like grammar, wording, punctuation or context.


Q: Do I need to know English to become an Editor on a team?

A: Yes, English is our chosen language to provide all subtitle translations.

Q: What if I want to be an editor for a specific language?

A: The Editor role is available for all languages. If you want to become an editor for your language, you can apply for this role by contacting the channel’s specific language moderator.

Q: Why is there only an Editor role but sub-editor positions?

A: We plan on adding sub-editor positions in the future. For now, all the editors for a channel team are added using the standard Editor position.

Q: What role should a Channel Manager add a Translation Editor as?

A: Translation Editors (TE) should be added as an English moderator to ensure all permissions needed for the TE to operate properly.

Q: What role should a Channel Manager add a General Editor as?

A: We recommend adding a General Editor (GE) as an Editor to a channel team.

Q: What role should a Channel Manager add a Chief Editor as?

A: Chief Editor roles should be added as an All Languages moderator. This is to ensure that the Chief Editor has access to the correct permissions to recruit Translation Editors and/or General Editors.

Q: Who do I contact about becoming an editor?

A: Please send a private message to the channel manager of the channel you are interested in being an editor for. Please note that you should also include which editor position type you are interested in. Example: "I want to be a Translation Editor for Channel X."

Q: Can a team select if they want all 3 types of editors or not?

A: Each channel has its own channel manager who can decide what is best for the channel in regards to editing. If a channel manager feels that the channel only needs a Chief Editor, they can make this decision. Please note that recommendations for other editor positions would come from the channel manager or other editors.

Q: Can I use Project Finder to find opportunities as an Editor?

A: Unfortunately this is not currently available, but we plan to have this added to the Project Finder in the future.

Q: When I add an Editor they do not appear under the "All Team Members" tab?

A: There is a 10 minute delay from the time you add a user as an editor to the time their name appear under ” All team member”.

If added as an Editor, you will be:

  • Able to edit others’ subtitles on Subtitle Editor and via Bulk Translation.
  • Able to add or edit Team Notes. Able to lock and unlock English subtitles.
  • Not be able to recruit or remove team members.

*NOTE: If your responsibilities require more channel permissions, please request to be added as a language moderator instead, or in addition.