Translation Editors (TE) are one of the three types of editors on Viki. A Translation Editor or TE should be fluent in the video's original language as well as English. For example: if the channel is a Korean movie, the Translation Editor for the team would need to be fluent in Korean and English.

Translation Editors step in right after the team of subtitlers have completed subtitling for the video, and will hand off to the General Editor (GE.) Translation Editors can notify General Editors of completion either through private message or Team Discussions.

Translation Editor's duties are focused on the translations from the channel's original language to English.

Team / Channel Responsibilities

  • Keep context in mind, do not translate word for word, and include subtitles like sarcasm.
  • Preserve the meaning of the sentence, try not to interpret too much of the sentence, just ensure it makes sense and the original meaning is translated.
  • If needed, please include notes to help explain anything from slang, idioms, or trendy phrases on channels.


Q: How do I add notes?

A: On the "Team Notes" tab within the Subtitle Editor, click "Create team notes" or "Update team notes" at the top-right corner.

Q: Should I translate words like "Um.." or laughs ("Haha")?

A: No, try to avoid translating and subtitling these. It will also be less for viewers to have to read as well.