What is Qualified Contributor (QC) status?

Qualified Contributors, or QCs, are Viki's most active and supportive community members! QCs are given the tools to contribute more of their great skills and knowledge to Viki.

You can be a QC Trainee, QC or Gold QC, based on your contribution amount. All QCs get special perks on Viki.

  If you have a paid Viki Pass subscription, it will be valid until the end of your billing period, and then you'll access your Viki Pass benefits. For more information, please click here.

0 - 999 Subtitles or Segments

QC Trainee (QT)

1000 Subtitles or Segments

Qualified Contributor (QC)

3000 Subtitles or Segments

Gold QC 

20,000 Subtitles or Segments

 QC Newsletter

x x x x
Special video access to titles like Viki Originals   x x x

Free Viki Pass 

Ad-free, HD viewing (at least 720p) + Access to Viki Pass exclusive content

    x x

QC-Exclusive Promotions


Gold QC-Exclusive Promotions



Q: I want to become a QC! Do I have to apply for QC status?

A: Nope! Once you reach the threshold for a tier, you’ll automatically be introduced into the new tier and have access to the respective benefits.

Q: How long are my QC benefits valid for?

A: QC benefits are valid for 6 months. Users must create 500 subtitles or segments within that 6 months in order to be considered active and to maintain QC status. If the requirements for activity are not met, QC status will be “frozen” and can be accessed once the contribution requirements are met.

Q: How can I track my progress?

A: Your contribution counts, as well as your progress as a QC, can be found on your profile page, under the "Overview" section.

Q: Do I get Viki Pass benefits as QC Trainee?

A: QC Trainees cannot access Viki Pass exclusives, as they do not yet have Viki Pass benefits. In order for a Contributor to access Viki Pass exclusive titles, users must either be a QC or a Gold QC.