Welcome to the Viki Contributor FAQ!


Q. What is a Viki Contributor?

A. Viki Contributors are a special group of Viki users who lend their skills and expertise in upholding Viki’s reputation of providing quality subtitles so everyone can enjoy Viki Asian dramas.

Q. What are the benefits of being a Viki Contributor?

A. Every Contributor becomes a member of our valued Viki Contributor Community where they’re rewarded with Viki passes, recognition badges, and quarterly and yearly gifts depending on the number of contribution points they earn.

Q. How do I become a Viki Contributor?

A. It’s easy! First, create a Viki account. Then watch our short Viki U training videos to learn the skills you’ll need as a Contributor and the tools you’ll use to create segments and subtitles. Start your journey here!

Q. Do I need to take a course or have a badge to start contributing?

A. There isn’t an official contributing course or badge, however we do recommend starting with our Viki U training videos. This series of short, animated videos will prepare you for your new Contributor role and show you how our tools work. By practicing and perfecting your skills, you’ll be able to help uphold the quality segments and subtitles that our Contributors are known for.

Q. Which path should I take as a Contributor?

A. As a Viki Contributor, you can decide if you’d like to contribute by segmenting, subtitling, or both! Those who don’t know a second language usually choose the segmenting path while those who are fluent in another language choose the subtitling path. It’s really up to you to decide which option best suits your passion, interests, and skills!

Q. Do I need to join a team to start contributing?

A. Yes! Teams are an essential part of the Viki contributing world. Once you’ve completed your Viki U video training, you’ll need to join a team to make contributions and earn points.

Hot tip: Creating a sample video to showcase your skill level will increase your chances of getting accepted to a team of your choice.

Look to our help articles for steps on finding a team for your contributing path:

Q. Do I need a Viki Pass to become a Contributor?

A. While a Viki Pass unlocks access to our premium Asian dramas, you do not need one to become a Contributor. Viki has a “Watch Free” section where you can find and contribute to shows & movies without a Viki Pass. Just remember that you’ll still need to join a team whether the show is under “Watch Free” or only accessible with a Viki Pass.

Q. Where can I go to meet other Contributors?

A. Once you’ve created a Viki account, head on over to our Discussions Forum to meet other Contributors! Our Discussions Forum is where you’ll find other Contributors who share your love of Asian dramas and tips and resources to help you succeed. Check out our “Contributor Corner” category within Discussions to stay informed on important community news, events, and product releases related to the role.