The NSSA also known as Ninja Academy is a community project dedicated to teaching Contributors how to segment and subtitle on Viki. The NSSA strive to help new and veteran Contributors learn about Contributor opportunities available throughout the site.

There are two divisions of Ninja Academy: Segging Academy and Subbing Academy. Each academy is led by experienced Contributors.

About Segging Academy

The segmenting program consists of two parts: Sandbox and Academy. In the Sandbox, Contributors are familiarized with the segmenting tools and expectations. Then, you have the option to continue to the Academy in order to perfect your skills. 

About Subbing Academy

Subbing Academy is a program designed to help Contributors acquire the proper skills to effectively subtitle. Contributors must have a good grasp of English and their language of interest. In Subbing Academy, you work on several videos guided by a sensei. The sensei provides feedback regarding proper formatting and translating. 


Currently, Romanian, Dutch, German, Hindi, French, ​Portuguese, Italian and Spanish Academies are available.

To learn more, please visit the Ninja Academy website.