General Editors (GE) are one of the three types of editors in the Viki Community and require that you are fluent in the English language.

General Editors start work after the Translation Editors have completed the first round of translation edits on a video. Once the work of General Editors are finished, it will be handed off to the channels' Chief Editor (if the role exists on that team) or Channel Manager (CM.) General Editors can notify a Chief Editor or Channel Manager of completion either through private message or Team Discussions.

It is highly recommended that a General Editor has an understanding of how to format subtitles, add breaks & music notes, and our tips for subtitlers

Team / Channel Responsibilities

  • Edit subtitles only where it is required, please work under the assumption that the subtitles created are the best translations including an attempt to keep context.
  • Check for and fix English grammar, spelling, and syntax.


Q: As a General Editor (GE), can I edit grammar and punctuation?

A: Yes. You should only make adjustments to grammar or punctuation to correct the phrasing of a sentence.

Q: How do I apply for a General Editor Position?

A: To apply for a General Editor (GE) position, you have to write the channel manager and mention you are interested in the position. Please don't forget to include the channel name you are interested in working on.

Q: Does a channel have to have a General Editor (GE)?

A: No, this is at the discretion of the channel manager and possibly a chief editor. Some channels have a chief editor position already and could not recruit a General Editor.