How to Subtitle Music on Viki

When music is being played during a scene with no dialogue, segments are often created, but left empty. To help the viewing experience, we recommend placing musical notes within the empty segment.

Please note that we favor the ‘two quarter notes connected by a beam’ two times: 🎵🎵

The easiest way to add a music note is to highlight the symbol above from this article, copy it, and then paste it into the empty segment.

For more information about how to create these musical symbols, please reference the article links here: 



Q: How does this help the viewing experience?

A: When empty segments are filled with musical notes, it pushes the subtitle completion percentage closer to 100%. This makes the drama much more likely to be watched by viewers who often wait to watch a drama until it is 100% subtitled.

Q: How many musical notes should I add to the empty segment?
A: You only need to add two musical notes in each empty segment..
Q: What if the music has lyrics? Should I place musical notes (♫♫) in the empty segment while I work on finding the translation for the lyrics?
A: If you aren’t able to provide the translated lyrics immediately, you can add the two musical notes first, and then replace them once the lyrics are ready to be added into the segment(s).