Tip: Subtitling rules of thumb

General tips for Subtitlers and for subtitling on Viki.

  • If there are two speakers/voices during one segment, separate them using a dash (“-”; Ex. “-How are you?  -I’m fine, thank you!”)
  • Check for name spellings, song lyrics, etc. in the Team Notes. Other users fill in this information so that all of the Contributors use the same conventions.
  • Consider the regionality and speech style of the characters. Try to follow the tone and/or speaking style of the character when creating your subtitles.
  • Let your team know your progress and where you’re working by writing in the Team Discussion. Usually, users write the percentage of the part at the time they begin and update it after they leave (ex. “In Episode 1, Part 2 @ 30%; Out @ 90%). This also helps prevent overlap!
Important: Before making any contributions, please be sure to let the Channel Manager or your Language Moderator know you’d like to help out as a courtesy.