A Chief Editor (CE) is the highest editor position of the three positions available. The Chief Editor or CE is the last line of defense for edits and approvals.

Chief Editors will take over the video and edits from General Editors and review all subtitles before releasing the episode to the other language teams to begin work. It is crucial that Chief Editors lock the subtitles upon final edits so as to prevent unauthorized edits after.

Chief Editors must communicate the release of episodes (or completion of a movie) to other language teams in a timely manner, preferably through the language moderators.

Team / Channel Responsibilities

  • Facilitate the subtitling and editing process by adding to Team Notes the formatting, grammar and style guidelines (if applicable), OST lyrics, etc. of the show.
  • Ensure everything is in good order.


Q: Why is there no Chief Editor role?

A: We hear you! We look to make the editing process better for Contributors in the future. Thank you!

Q: Should I be added as an Editor?

A: Due to channel permission restrictions for the Editor role, we suggest requesting for the Moderator role instead so as to have all necessary channel permissions to recruit your team of Translation Editors and/or General Editors.