How to access your Contributor profile

Here's how to access your Viki Contributor profile page and other sections within your Contributor profile.

Follow these steps to access your Contributor profile page:

    1. Go to 
    2. Click on your profile icon, located on the top right-hand corner of the page.
    3. Under the dropdown, select "Profile".
    4. You will now be on “Overview” section of your profile page

Once you are on the Overview section of your profile page, you can now access your "About Me" section which contains your Projects, Contributions, Badges, and Sample Videos.

    1. Click on “About @[your username]” to reach the “About Me” section
      via-contributor-aboutme copy.png

      1. Here’s where you can edit and personalize your “About Me

      2. Click on “Projects” to view all of your projects. You can also filter your projects by your channel

      3. Click on “Recent contributions” to view your most recent contribution activityvia-recent-contributions.png

      4. Click on “Sample Videos” to view the sample videos you have created and  have sharing  turned-on.via-contributor-samplevideo.png
    2. To go back to your Viki Profile page simply click on the “Profile page” button:via-contributor-profile-button.png