Looking to recruit more members on your team and want to better understand new Contributors' language skills? New Contributors can showcase their language proficiency skills by creating and sharing short video clips when applying to join a team. These Sample Videos can be viewed by Language Moderators and Channel Managers.

Where are the sample videos located?

When applying to be part of a team, new Contributors can share a unique link to their specific sample video with you, the Channel Manager and/or Language Moderator. 

Contributors’ finished and published sample videos can also be found on their public profile!



If you believe that this feature is being abused, please feel free to report them to us, as shown here.




Q: Which Contributors can use the sample videos?

A: Contributors who have less than 1000 lifetime contributions.

Q: Are sample videos available for all languages?

A: Yes! Sample videos are available for all languages that are available on Viki. Contributors are able to subtitle from English to their target language.

Q: Who can see these sample videos?

A: Contributors who have been historically added as a Language Moderator or Channel Manager will be able to see the shared sample video.


Can they see my sample video?

Contributor who have been historically added as a Language Moderator


Contributors who have been historically added as a Channel Manager


Contributor has not held a position as a Moderator or Channel Manager



Q: Are there shortcut keys to make subtitling faster?

A: Yes. For some helpful shortcuts you can visit here.

Q: Are sample videos for Segmenters available?

A: At the moment sample videos are only available for Subtitlers.

Q: Why am I getting an error message when clicking on a sample video’s link?

A: There is a possibility that the Contributor who shared their sample video with you might have turned off sharing.

Q: Are sample videos available for Contributors in all regions?

A: At the moment sample videos are only available for Contributors in specific regions.

Q: How long are these sample videos (meaning, how many subtitles)? Is it enough to give a good idea of the translator’s skills.

A: The sample videos are not based upon a specific count of subtitles. We feel there is enough to get a good idea of the translator's skills.

Q: Are the sample videos chosen to be a good test of translation? Or are they randomly chosen?

A: We are using content from the platform for these sample videos. In an attempt to try and keep it as close to the real-thing, we are using short sample videos of the same kind of content on viki.com. At the moment we offer two(2) difficulty levels, easy and intermediate. 

Q: Do you receive just one sample video to work on? Is there a difference in the levels of the content to be translated into subtitles?

A: There is more than one sample video that new Subtitlers can contribute to. We hope to have more variety in the complexity of the translations over time.

Q: What dramas / films are these sample videos taken from?

A: The dramas/films used will vary, especially due to geographical restrictions, age restrictions and other legal matters.

Q: Can the Subtitler go back and edit what they did after submitting the translation?

A: Yes, the Subtitler can go back and make edits to their sample videos.