Tip: What to include on your Project Finder applications to get noticed!

We collected insights from our language moderators / team recruiters of what they’re looking for when they’re selecting team members for their project. Here are some of the best ways (in no particular order) to boost your chances of getting accepted into a project when you’re applying on Project Finder!

1. Share your experience!

    • Recruiters care most about your subtitling proficiency and teamwork skills. Let them know about your past projects, past teams, and any evidence that indicates the quality of your work.
    • Share if you’ve worked on shows of the same or similar genres in the past, as some genres (like medical dramas) require understanding of specific terminologies or others (like period dramas) require historical, stylistic dialogue.

2. If you’re new to subtitling, share your motivations for applying!

    • If you don’t have experience yet, don’t be discouraged from applying!
    • Subtitling teams are made of fans first and foremost! Recruiters want passionate, enthusiastic, and committed rookies who care about the show and want to create high quality subtitles to share the shows with others. Share if you’re a fan of the show or cast, what you love about the show or genre, and what motivates you to start subtitling!

3. Include a link to your sample video!

    • This is one of the best ways for new contributors to show their competency to recruiters if they don’t have experience on a subtitling team yet. Complete a sample video and share it in your application to demonstrate your subtitling skills!

4. Share your availability accurately!

    • Be as specific as possible (e.g 2 hours daily till the show ends, 1 hour every Mon) as it helps to assure the recruiter of your availability and willingness to commit to the project.
    • Stating your availability accurately also helps the recruiter assess if you are able to take on the project’s needs!
    • Different teams may have different working pace due to show requirements, popularity, or episode release frequency, so different levels of availability required. The recruiter may specify this in their project requirements, so be sure to check if they’ve mentioned it.

Other things that help build your credibility as a subtitler:

    • Achieving higher ranks in QC status shows the community what a seasoned contributor you are!
    • Some contributors share which projects they’ve worked on on their ‘About Me’ section on their profile page. It acts as a portfolio for all the shows you’ve worked on!
    • Collect badges earned by participation in Community events to show you’re an active member of the community!