The Viki Sandbox, also known as the Viki Community Playground, is a space within Viki where everyone can try out the segmenting and subtitling contribution tools.

How to access Sandbox?

To access the sandbox go to

Tips on using Sandbox

New to Sandbox

If you are new to Sandbox be sure to follow the tutorial on the right-hand side of the page. Not only will this short tutorial guide walk you through the steps of “how to” use the contribution tools, but it also walks you through a couple of keyboard shortcuts you can take to make contributing easier and faster.



Returning to Sandbox

If you are a returning user to Sandbox and have already gone through the tutorial, you can click on “Try it now”. This button will allow you to skip the short tutorial so you can continue practicing.


General Tips


  1. If you have already gone through the tutorial but need a quick refresher, you can click on the question mark icon located on the bottom right-hand corner of the Sandbox video. This will take you to where you can go through the tutorial tour again, check out frequently asked questions, and quickly access the keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Finally, for practice purposes, please be sure to select the correct language to which you will be translating to. All the language options are located on the lower right-hand corner.