Are you interested in becoming a Contributor and would like to improve your chances of getting accepted into a team for your language?  You can create and share short video clips to show other members in the Contributor community how awesome your language translation proficiency skills are! Learn how to create one below!

Before getting started we recommend you watch this video.

How to get started?
    1. Go to your dashboard page here

    2. Find the “Work on sample videos” section

    3. Click on “Get started on a sample video” button

    4. To get started: choose the country of origin (e.g. Korean drama, Chinese drama), Genre and difficulty level (e.g. Romance (easy), Crime (intermediate))

    5. After choosing a genre/difficulty level, you will then be directed to the subtitling tool page


    6. Once on the subtitling tool page be sure to check that the language you are  “Translating From” and “To” are correct
    7. By typing subtitles on the subtitling box, you can start practicing and showing-off your skills!
      *Click here for more information on formatting subtitles


    8. To save your progress, once you are done typing your subtitles on the subtitling box, click on the next subtitling box/segment, your progress will auto save the inputted subtitles. Another option is to click the "Save" button.

How to share your Sample video?

Once you are done working on your sample video, be sure to turn on sharing, so Channel Managers and Moderators of shows you applied to are able to see it!

    1. Click on “Share”
    2. Remember to check that sharing is turned on
    3. Share your sample video with others:
      1. When applying through Project Finder: select the sample video of your choice, from the drop-down menu on your application. 
      2. Copy the link provided and remember to include this link when applying to be part of a new team!
Where to find your finished sample videos?  

Your completed sample videos will be located in your dashboard page, located here


When sharing is enabled, you and other Contributors, who have been historically added as a Language Moderator or Channel Manager, will be able to see the sample video(s) you have worked on!





Q: Which Contributors can use the sample videos?

A: Contributors who currently have less than 1000 lifetime contributions.

Q: Who can see these sample videos?

A: Contributors who have been historically added as a Language Moderator or Channel Manager will be able to see the shared sample video.


Can they see my sample video?

Contributor who have been historically added as a Language Moderator


Contributors who have been historically added as a Channel Manager


Contributor has not held a position as a Moderator or Channel Manager



Q: Are sample videos for Segmenters available?

A: At the moment sample videos are only available for subtitlers. However you can try out and learn more about our segmenter tool here.

Q: Are there shortcut keys to make subtitling faster?

A: Yes. For some helpful shortcuts you can visit here.

Q: Are sample videos available for all languages?

A: Yes! Sample videos are available for all languages that are available on Viki. Contributors are able to subtitle from English to their target language.

Q: Is there a limited amount of times I can share my sample video?

A: No, you will be able to share your sample video as many times as you would like.

Q: Will others be able to see my sample video once I turn-off sharing?

A: No, once you turn-off sharing other Contributors will no longer be able to see your sample video

Q: Are sample videos available for Contributors in all regions?

A: At the moment sample videos are only available for Contributors in specific regions.

Q: How long are these sample videos (meaning, how many subtitles)? Is it enough to give a good idea of the translator’s skills.

A: The sample videos are not based upon a specific count of subtitles. We feel there is enough to get a good idea of the translator's skills.

Q: What dramas / films are these sample videos taken from?

A: The dramas/films used will vary, especially due to geographical restrictions, age restrictions and other legal matters.