If a Channel does not yet have a Channel Manager (CM), Gold QCs can apply to become a Channel Manager. A list of all Channels that are in need of a Channel Manager can be found on the Project Finder

Channel Managers are selected by Viki staff, more information about the selection process can be found in the following article:
How are Channel Managers selected?

If a Channel Manager has been inactive for more than 30 days, please submit a request to the Help Center and we will look into the matter. Please include the following information to expedite the process and your request:

  • The name of the channel you are interested in.
  • A link to the channel you are interested in.
  • Screenshots of inbox messages to the user you attempted to communicate with (we need the dates & times visible.)

Once we have this information, we can look into the situation and work with candidates who qualify based upon the Channel Manager Progression Plan.



Q. Do I need prior experience to become a Channel Manager?

A. Previous Channel Management experience is preferred but not required. You will most likely be matched with another Contributor where you will both be Co-Channel Managers. This way you can learn the ropes from someone experienced. 

Q. Why haven't I been selected as a Channel Manager, I've applied for several channels?

A. Our Channel Manager selection team reviews applications for Channels on Viki. To learn more about requirements, please view the What are the Requirements to become a Channel Manager article.