How to moderate Timed Comments

Channel Managers and Language Moderators can moderate Timed Comments. Comments may be removed if they are a violation of the Viki Community Guidelines, Timed Comments Policy, and/or Viki Comment Policy.

Moderating Timed Comments

Please Note: Removing a comment cannot be reversed.
Step 1 - Visit the channel page

On the channel page, click "Manage Channel" on the main banner.

Step 2 - Find Video Management

Select the "Video Management" tab 

Step 3 - Select where the timed comment is

Choose the episode/clip you'd like to look into.

Step 4 - Locate the specific timed comment

The Timed Comments for that video will populate.
– Word specific search:

    1. Type a word you would like to remove on the search box.
    2. All Timed comments that contain the word you wrote will populate.
Step 5 - Confirm removal of timed comment

Click on the “X” left-hand side if a comment needs to be removed*. The Timed Comments for that video will be listed in chronological order.