How to find a Segmenting Team on Viki

The optimal way for Segmenters to find a team is to use the following steps. Completing an NSSA course is usually required by recruiters, and increases your chances of joining a team!

Please note that you must create an account and be signed-in to Viki to complete the following steps:

Step 1 - Visit our designated recruitment area

Visit the "Looking for Viki Segmenters" thread in the discussion forum. 

Step 2 - Find a team that needs your help

Once you find a team you want to join, send the Contributor looking for Segmenters (aka the Recruiter) a message. To learn more about how to send a message, please use this link.

Step 3 - Start collaborating with your new team

You should receive a response from someone on the team with more information.

Application Tips

  • Put your best foot forward and think about applying as tryouts for a club you want to be a part of.
  • When sending your message to the recruiter make sure to include the following:
    • Tip 1: Show your true commitment level. Be honest about how much time every week you can really commit.
    • Tip 2: Show your passion! Let the recruiter know why you want to work on this specific show or movie.
    • Tip 3: Be active in the discussion forum and get to know other Contributors in the community.
    • Tip 4: Is there another established Contributor that can vouch for your skill level and ability to commit?
  • Note: Recruiters are more likely to accept applicants that have completed the NSSA segmenting academy.