How to make sure I get my free QC Viki Pass benefits

When you reach QC status (3000 contributions), you earn perks which are granted to your account. These perks are automatically issued through our system once you have reached the QC milestone.

There are instances where you will not see your free Viki Pass subscription automatically applied upon reaching QC status. If you were already trialing or have a paid Viki Pass subscription, our system will not be able to issue your earned benefit to your account. You should have received an email about canceling your paid Viki Pass subscription before becoming a QC.

You should also see a banner (like the one below) on your Contributor Dashboard informing you to cancel your personal subscription.


Once your perks (also known as QC benefits) have been applied to your account you will also see a special banner on your profile picture, as shown below:


QC benefits (Plus)

QC benefits (Standard)

via-contributor-plus.png via-contributor-standard.png



Q:  I earned my QC status but still have a paid Viki Pass subscription, what should I do?

A:  If you already had a Viki Pass subscription upon becoming a QC, you will NOT automatically receive your free Viki Pass benefits. Please cancel your existing subscription using the instructions here. Once your current billing cycle ends, you will then receive your free Viki Pass benefits as a QC. For billing requests or any other questions, please submit a Help Center request here.

Q: What type of Viki Pass subscription will I receive when I earn QC status?

A:  QCs and Gold QCs will earn the highest subscription tier currently available in their respective regions.

For example: If you live where we offer Viki Pass Plus, then this is the highest subscription tier you would receive for free as a QC. If you live where we only offer up to Viki Pass Standard, then that is the highest subscription tier you would receive.

Q: Can I change my Viki plan after receiving QC status?

A: You cannot change the Viki Pass plan granted to your account once it has been applied. 

Please be aware that you must not cancel or attempt to upgrade your QC Viki Pass subscription once it has been added to your account.

  • If the benefits were applied directly to your account, by canceling, you would effectively lose your Viki Pass benefits on the next renewal date.
  • Suppose you attempt to upgrade the Viki Pass plan assigned to your account to one not available in your region using unauthorized means (such as VPN). In that case, Viki will not recognize the benefit, and you will have to bear the total cost of the Viki Pass subscription.
Q: I have an old coupon code, can I still use it?

A:  Starting January 2023, all coupon codes that have been issued to QCs for their free Viki Pass benefits will be deactivated. Please note that once your coupon expires, you will still be able to receive your free Viki Pass benefits as a QC as long as you are maintaining your QC status as defined here.

Q: How do I check my progress towards becoming a QC and/or Gold QC?

A:  You can keep track of your progress on your Contributor Dashboard, or on your profile page under the “Overview” section.

Q: When is it  the right time to cancel my personal subscription?

A: If you are close to becoming a QC we recommend canceling your personal subscription at least twenty-four (24) hours before the next cycle. If you fail to cancel your personal subscription at least twenty-four (24) hours before the next cycle, your  subscription will be automatically renewed for the next cycle.

Q:  I am a Roku user and I persistently see the banner telling me to cancel my subscription, even if I have already canceled my personal subscription. How can I get rid of this banner?

A: The only way to get rid of the banner is to click on “Don’t show me again”.