How to message a Channel Manager or Moderator

Videos on Viki are housed within Channels, many of which are organized by Channel Teams made up of Contributor community members. The Channel Manager(s) and Moderator(s) lead the Channel Teams.

It's courtesy to reach out to the Channel Manager and/or Language Moderator of the channel that you'd like to work on to let them know you'd like to join the team and Contributor. For more information on sending messages, visit this link.

Finding the Channel Manager(s) and Moderators

  1. Scroll down on any Channel or video page to the "Subtitling Team" section and look for "Meet the team."


  2. Click on "Channel Manager" or "Moderator" to view the specific channel manager and/or language moderators for the channel.
  3. Click on the link for the profile of the Contributor(s) shown as the channel manager.

  4. This will open the Contributor's profile page. Click on the envelope link to send them a message.

  5. Within your message, please ensure to include the following information
    1. An introduction about yourself.
      1. ex. "My name is Jane Doe and I'm a big fan of K-Dramas. I've recently been hooked on the show XYZ and would love to be a part of the team."
    2. Your reason for messaging the team member.
      1. ex. "I'm interested in joining the French Team as a subtitler."
    3. The channel you're interested in contributing to.
      1. ex. "Boys Over Flowers"

  6. Once you have sent your message, please give them some time to respond. Some Contributors are working on multiple channels but you should hear within 3-days on average.
Please note, that we highly recommend using our Project Finder + Application Manager to find teams to join.