Tip: Segmenting rules of thumb

General tips

  • Each segment should last for about one sentence in the dialogue. The only exception is when the dialogue is very fast. With practice, your segments will adjust to the correct length.
  • Try to prevent segments less than one second long, as they’re difficult to read.
  • Subtitles (and thus segments) are meant to start at the same time as the dialogue and are meant to stay on until shortly after the speaker has finished, if possible.
    When cutting a segment, try a slow count of "1, 2" after the speaker finishes speaking before you close the segment.
  • Let your team know your progress and where you’re working by writing in the Team Discussion. Usually, users write which part they are segmenting and update it when it’s completed (ex. “Segmenting Episode 1, Part 2 @ 30%”). This also helps prevent overlap!
Important: Before making any contributions, please be sure to let the Channel Manager or your Language Moderator know you’d like to help out as a courtesy.