If you have earned QC status you can request a (digital) QC Certificate. A QC certificate will include your name, date issued, amount of subtitles, amount of segments and your account activation date on Viki.

To request a QC Certificate:

    1. Please visit: http://bit.ly/VikiHCR
    2. Look for the dropdown menu then select "Contribution Tools Issues."
    3. Look for the "How Can We Help You Today?" dropdown option, select "Request QC Certificate"
    4. On the "Subject" dropdown that appears, please mention that you are requesting a QC certificate.
    5. On the section labeled "Name you want to appear on your QC certificate", please type the name you would like to be displayed on the certificate.
    6. Be sure to fill out the form properly and double-check the name to be added to the certificate.
    7. Submit the ticket request and our support team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Please note that we will fulfill requests for a QC certificates for up to two (2) per calendar year with 6 months between requests. Also, there is no different QC certificate for Gold QCs.
Thank you to all of our QCs for beign a part of the Viki Community!!