Note: Badges will be applied about 7 – 10 days after a level is reached.




March 22nd @ 00:00 UTC –  April 8th @ 23:59 UTC. Convert your local time zone to UTC here.

How to earn the badges:

    • Start contributing at any time during Spring-a-thon for a chance to earn a new badge for every level the Community passes while progressing towards the goal of 2M collective community contribution points!
    • Badges will be awarded depending on how many individual contribution points you have when the Community reaches each level. The more you contribute, the higher the point badge you can earn at every level!
    • A special badge will be awarded to the Top 100 Contributors!

**Before working on a show, please be sure to message the Channel Manager or Moderator for your language to let them know you’d like to contribute!**

Ready to join?

RSVP at the link below! Please note that while RSVP’ing is not necessary, it helps us better understand the number of people interested in participating.


Looking for something new? Check out our list of suggested shows below:

290x450-wedding-impossible.jpg 290x450-the-midnight-studio.jpg 290x450-shining-solo.jpg 290x450-everyone-loves-me.jpg

290x450-angels-fall-sometimes.jpg 290x450-strong-underdog-(movie).jpg 290x450-yong-an-dream.jpg 290x450-the-origin-of-eternity.jpg

290x450-between-love-and-friendship.jpg 290x450-warm-meet-you.jpg 290x450-p.s.-i-hate-you.jpg 290x450-beauty-and-mr-romantic.jpg

290x450-hide.jpg 290x450-boys-over-flowers-season-2.jpg 290x450-the-escape-of-the-seven-resurrection.jpg 

290x450-buff-in-love.jpg 290x450-seductive-nights.jpg


Or, you can use Project Finder or the Categories Explore page to find more.


Spring-a-thon 2024 FAQ

Q: What is Spring-a-thon 2024?

A: Spring-a-thon 2024 is a new community event where Contributors work together to reach a goal of 2M collective contribution points. There are 3 levels on the way to this goal. Every Contributor has the opportunity to earn a new badge at each level, depending on the number of individual contribution points when a level is reached! See full details here.

Q: What are contributions?

A: Contributions are the segments and/or subtitles made by the Viki Contributor Community.

Q: What are badges?

A: Badges are special emblems that are proudly displayed on your profile page. You can earn one by participating in community events such as Spring-a-thon and reaching the minimum number of contribution points for a badge – in this case, 100 contribution points! Read more about badges here.

Q: Do the days of the week I contribute have to be consecutive days?

A: No. You can contribute on any of the days of your choosing, these do not have to be consecutive.

Q:Can I contribute to more than one show?

A: Yes, you can contribute to more than one show! Check the titles above if you’re looking for new shows.

Q: How many combined community contribution points are needed to “spring across” to each level?


Level 1 = 250K combined community contribution points
Level 2 = 1M combined community contribution points
Level 3 = 1.5M combined community contribution points
Goal = 2M combined community contribution points 🎉

Q: What badge increments are awarded at each level?

A: The badge increments for Spring-a-thon are:

  • 100 point badge [NEW for Spring-a-thon]
  • 250 point badge
  • 500 point badge
  • 1,000 point badge
  • 5,000 point badge
  • 10,000 point badge

Q: How many badges can I earn at each level?

A: You have the opportunity to earn one (1) badge at each level depending on your total number of contribution points when that level is reached. If you are one of the Top 100 Contributors at the end of Spring-a-thon, you will earn a Top Contributor badge as well.