If you’ve maintained active QC (Qualified Contributor) status during the year, you may qualify for our special end-of-year gift! Read our FAQs below to find out more.

Q: What does active QC status mean?

A: Active QC status is when a contributor has either an active QC or Gold Qc status. In order to maintain an active status the contributor must make at least 500+ contributions every 6 months. For more information take a look at our “What is Qualified Contributor (QC) status?” help center article. Please note that a QC Trainee status is not considered an active QC status.

Q: I’m an active contributor. How will I know if I qualify for the end-of-year gift?
A: Active contributors who qualify for the end-of-year gift will receive a gift form either through email or PM before the end of January.
Q: I qualified for the year-end QC gift, but I did not receive a gift-form. What should I do?
A: If you believe you have met the qualifications to be eligible for the end of year gift and have not received a notification by early February, please contact us by submitting a ticket through our Contributor Help Center. Please select “Contribution Tool Issues” from the ticket dropdown.

💡Please note: We will be checking each form submission and only delivering gifts to those verified as eligible!
Q: Is the gift a physical gift or a digital gift card?
A: Gift options will vary depending on location. Unfortunately, there are a few locations where our vendors are unable to ship to and/or there are regulations that prevent them from sending rewards to these locations.
Q: I chose a physical gift. Will I receive a shipping notification?
A: Yes, all shipping notifications will be handled by our vendor. You will receive an email with tracking number once your gift has been shipped.
Q: Will I be charged for VAT, customs, handling, or other taxes and fees?
A: No, not to worry! Viki and our shipping partner will handle all of this, so you should not receive any fees. However, if you incur an unexpected fee, please submit a ticket with a copy of your recipt so we may reimburse you.
Q: Can I change or update my information after I’ve submitted my gift form?
A: No. Take the time to carefully read and follow the instructions in the form. TRIPLE check the information you’re providing before you submit the form. Your attention to detail will help prevent gifting delays.
Q: I live in Brazil and need to include my CPF number. How should I do this?
A: If you live in Brazil and chose the physical gift then you will need to provide your CPF number. There is a place in the gift form for this. Select your country of Brazil from the dropdown menu and the CPF field will appear. Enter your CPF number in that field.
Q: When can I expect the gift to be delivered?
A: We anticipate all of the gifts (digital or physical) will be distributed around the end of Feb/early March provided there are no hiccups. Please note that digital gifts may arrive before the physical gifts and that mailing times will vary depending on your location and your local postal service.

💡Please remember, end-of-year gifts will only be sent to those who have qualified. Thank you!
Q: Why do I need to include my phone number?
A: A phone number is required by the United States postal service for international mail. Your local postal service may use it to contact you for delivery. Rakuten Viki will NOT use your phone number to contact you.
Q: If I qualify, how many end-of-year gifts will I receive?
A: Every Contributor who qualifies will receive one (1) year end gift, no matter their number of contribution points or circumstances. A gentle reminder that per our Viki Terms of Use, an individual may only create one Account.
Q: Can I turn in the gift form after the deadline?
A: All gift forms will automatically close once the deadline has passed. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any forms after February 7, 2024. Thank you for your understanding!

If you have any additional questions, please submit a Help Center request here.