Note: Badges will be applied about 7–10 days after subathon ends.



November 29th 00:00 PST – December 13th 23:59 PST. Convert to your local time zone here.

How to get the badges:

  • Contribute 250, 500, 1000, 5000, or 10000 subtitles and/or segments to any shows to qualify for the corresponding badge!
  • A special badge will be awarded to the overall top 100 contributors.

**Before working on a show, please be sure to message the Channel Manager or Moderator for your language to let them know you’d like to contribute!**

Ready to join?

RSVP at the link below! Note that signing up is not necessary, but helps us better understand the number of people interested in participating.


Looking for something new? Check out our list of suggested shows below:

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290x450-perfect-marriage-revenge.jpg 290x450-only-for-love.png 290x450-wonderland-of-love.png 290x450-love-is-panacea.png

290x450-blooming-days.png 290x450-boss-&-me.png 290x450-the-bionic-life.png 290x450-99.9-criminal-lawyer.png

290x450-vip-thailand.png 290x450-one-room-angel.png 290x450-the-escape-of-the-seven.jpg 290x450-twinkling-watermelon.jpg

290x450-the-furthest-distance.jpg 290x450-we-go-fast-on-trust.png 290x450-meow-ears-up.png 290x450-love-behind-the-melody.png

290x450-night-has-come.jpg 290x450-pale-moon.jpg


Or, you can use Project Finder or the Categories page to find more.

Please note these titles are available for PT subtitling:



Q: What is a Subathon?

A: A subathon usually takes place for a set period of time. This period of time is usually announced on QC Newsletters, Viki Discussions Forum, and a new Help Center article. Usually for a duration of two (2) weeks, the number of contributions a contributor makes, are taken into count and can lead to earning cute new badges!

If you haven't already, feel free to check out our “Get started in the Viki community!” article, and learn more about how to get started and  become a part of the Viki Contributor Community!

Q: What are contributions?

A: Contributions are the segments and/or subtitles made by the Viki Contributor Community.

Q: What are badges?

A: You can earn badges to proudly display on your profile page by achieving certain milestones, or participating in events such as this one! Read more about badges here.

Q: Do I have to choose between contributing subtitles or segments? Can I do both?

A: You are welcome to choose to do either segments or subtitles – or you can do both!


I created _ segments: I created _ subtitles: Total subtitles + segments Do I qualify for badge(s)?
100 150 250 Yes - The 250 badge
400 100 500 Yes - The 500 badge
100 500 600 Yes - The 500 badge
1000 0 1000 Yes - The 1000 badge
0 5000 5000 Yes - The 5000 badge


Q: Can I contribute to more than one show?

A: Yes, you can contribute to more than one show!

Q: I completed the contribution requirements! Where’s my badge?

A: Badges are applied after the subathon ends. Please note it may take up to 1 week to apply badges. Once the subathon ends, you can check on the status of badge application on this page.

Q: Do I get more badges the more contributions I make? Or do I get just the single badge corresponding to the highest number of contributions I make?

A:You get the single badge corresponding to the highest number of contributions you make.

Example: If you make 5000 subtitles, you get one (1) 5000 badge. You DO NOT get all 4 badges (the 5,000, 1,000, 500, and 250 badges).

The only situations you could earn multiple badges would be if you also earn the Top 100 badge. In this case, you would get both the Top 100 badge and the badge corresponding to the highest number of contributions you made.