What is a Final Editor and what do they do?

Final Editors

Final Editors are Contributors who are responsible for doing the last proofreading of the subtitles and makes any last edits before the video (movie or episode) is marked as complete. 

Position Requirements

    • Gold QC Gold QC Contributors should not work on more than 5 on-air Channels at the same time as a Subtitler, regardless of the channel being considered on-air or library.
    • 10,000+ Contributions in assigned language.

Team Responsibilities

    • Do the final check for basic grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
    • Ensure that the sentence flows smoothly in the newly translated language, correcting any issues.
    • Inserts italics, music symbols, round brackets, square brackets and any other things that may have been missed.
    • Inform the language moderator (if the language moderator is not available, please reach out to the Channel Manager) of any breaks or hiatus from your duties as a final editor.

Channel Responsibilities

    • Actively participate in the Channel proofreading only in the language assigned.
    • Proofreading only the episodes that are ready for proofread.
    • Follow the Channel rules set by the Channel Manager and Moderators including the Contributor Guidelines.
    • Always contact Channel Manager and/or Moderators before starting to subtitle, especially on active Channels.
    • Utilize Viki's tips to formatting subtitles for drama fans to have a uniform experience across all channels.