How is accuracy ensured on Viki subtitles?

In order to ensure the accuracy of Viki subtitles, most channels are assigned to a designated team of Contributors (drama fans). All channels assigned to Contributors have a channel manager, different Language Moderators, Editors, and Subtitlers. These subtitles created by the individual team of each language, go through the multiple members of the dedicated language team, who ensures the accuracy of subtitles. When the subtitles meet quality standards, the team leader (called the "Language Moderator") will lock them to prevent further editing.

To give a better idea of the process here is a short summary of the subtitling process: 

    1. To start off, once Segmenters are done segmenting, the Channel Manager gives the English team permission to translate and transcribe the drama/show.
    2.  Subtitlers will then go ahead and transcribe (speech to text) the drama/show from its original language to the target language, in this case, English. 
    3. Once the Subtitlers are done, then editors (translation editor, general editors and chief editors) will go over these subtitles and make sure that all translations are correct, that the subtitles are grammatically correct, and will take a final look and make sure that the subtitles meet quality standards. 
    4. Finally, the English Language moderator will then lock these subtitles to prevent further editing. 

After the English team is done the Channel Manager will give permission to all the other languages to now translate the subtitles created by the English team into their target language (Spanish, Portuguese, French, etc.). These subtitles will also go through a similar process.