Tip: How Channel Managers are selected

Channel Managers (CM) are selected by Viki staff members, based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Previous Channel Management and/or Moderation experience is ideal.
  • How well the Contributor follows and understands the Viki Community Guidelines, promoting a positive, healthy environment and collaboration on Viki.
  • Applicants must be active within the community 24-hours up until 7 days from their application to be considered.


Q. Do I need prior experience to become a Channel Manager?

A. Previous Channel Management experience is preferred but not required. 

Q. Why haven't I been selected as a Channel Manager, I've applied for several channels?

A. Our Channel Manager selection team reviews applicants' current un-finished channel count for managed channels and the average duration of time to release to the language teams.

Q. I haven't been picked for any Channel Manager roles, how can I get my first one?

A. Here are a couple of tips that we suggest trying:

1) Lesser experienced Channel Managers should apply for movies to build their experience.

2) Team-up with an experienced Channel Manager in the community to co-channel manage.

Note: Gold QCs are preferred but not required for consideration of Channel Manager roles, QC status is required.