How to assign the right role for each editor type?

Editor roles are here and to help ease any confusion, we have two tables to break down the different requirements for each position and what role you should grant the team member based on what permissions they need. Granting the editor the right permissions gives them the freedom to work with the correct permissions needed to complete their jobs as editors.


Editor Type (Position) Requirements for Position Suggested Role Assignment
General Editor Fluent in English + Familiarity with Viki's subtitle guidelines Editor
Translation Editor Translation Experience + Fluent in Origin Language + Fluent in language being translated English Moderator or Editor
Chief Editor Translation Experience + Fluent in English + QC/QC Gold Status English Moderator or All Language Moderator


How each role and the permissions of each role provide editors with the access they need.

Permissions Moderator Role Editor Role
Edit others' subtitles on Subtitle Editor and via Bulk Translation
Add or edit Team Notes
Lock or unlock English subtitles
Recruit or remove team members  
Group message all or specific roles within the team  
Edit the channel's cover page and/or moderator timed comments  


NOTE: There is a 10-minute delay from the time you add a user as an editor to the time their name appears under the ”All team member” tab.